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1st meeting of CarES 2023 – elephants discuss mental health and productivity.

We had the 1st CarES event in 2023 ― ES's internal health promotion program, which  conducts monthly meetings focused on physical and mental health. The theme was Productivity and the Elephants were given the opportunity to share their personal experiences.

The topics most voted by Elephants as mental health alerts included anxiety and stress. In fact,  these two factors are currently the ones that most negatively affect the health of professionals  around the world.

Research by Deloitte on burnout in the workplace, in an examination of 1,000 American  professionals, revealed that 91% claim to suffer from stress or frustration and that this directly  affects the quality of their work. In addition, 21% said that the company for which they work  does not offer any program or initiative for the prevention or relief of burnout.

Bruna Schmitz, HOD (Human and Organizational Development) Analyst here at ES and the  meeting's mediator, spoke about the individual process in an attempt to organize the routine  and emphasized that being productive should not be confused with working too hard:

“Productivity is not a rule to be followed, but is part of individual discovery and organization,  according to each person's life context. Being productive has nothing to do with being a  workaholic (addicted to work), but being assertive in what you produce. And, not just at work,  but in everything that is important to you, such as family, studies, friends, and personal  development.”

Organizing Your Own Routine – What works for some people may not work for you.  

You've probably already looked for tips on how to be more productive or how to overcome the  procrastination that leads you to postpone starting a task that may have brought you some  frustration.

Laura Mae Martin, Google's internal productivity expert, believes that there are useful tips that  can help people change their approach to the idea of productivity and the way they do their  work. One suggestion is to take half an hour out of the day to yourself, doing something you  like and that brings you relaxation. By doing this, the mind becomes sharper and more focused  to carry out tasks throughout the day.

However, it may be that in your routine, you need more than half an hour of relaxation. Maybe  you need an hour, or even more breaks throughout the day. Or, if you find yourself in a creative  crisis, maybe taking a day off for creative leisure may be the most suitable. Here we believe  that there is no rule; it is simply something that needs to make sense to you personally.

What about the Elephants’ routine?  

We collected some testimony to exemplify how productivity and organization are individual  issues, of knowing oneself, but which can also benefit collectively, through the support of  collaboration. Check it out:

Carolina Cataldo, 3D Artist  
“I have a notebook in which I write down all the tasks I need to do each day. I organize the  macro and micro activities and with each completed task, I take a moment to rest.”

Carlos Carbonar, HOD Global Manager  
“At the end of each day, I plan the next day. That's a habit that came from self-observation. At  the beginning of the year, I organize all my schedules through Google Calendar. I believe there  is no one correct recipe for productivity.”

Filipe Pereira, 3D Artist  
“Let us spend our lives on the journey of getting to know ourselves. To organize myself, I really  like using digital resources because they are more dynamic, as is the case with Notion.”

Sid Oliveira, IT Manager  
“In a collaborative culture, thinking only of yourself can overwhelm other people. It is very  important to think of others in the context of work.”

Roberto Neves Jr., 3D Artist  
“We need to focus on where we each excel. When everyone understands their individual ability  and then people unite, we can be infinitely more productive.”

There is no 'I' in team - Don't overwhelm yourself by doing it all!  

You are part of a team where the 'ME' does not exist. This is one of the values we reinforce  here at Elephant Skin.

Even if there are particular demands, each activity develops results in a collective delivery.  Therefore, the culture of collaborative work is necessary to divide the demand.

Each person has their unique particularities and should not adapt to just fit in little boxes.  Therefore, their organization and productivity should not follow any general rule.

How do you organize yourself and your routine?

Are you a person who uses more digital resources? Or, do you like to organize yourself by  writing by hand? Or, perhaps you use both methods?
Oh, and don't forget to share what you think of CarES, our project on mental health in the  workplace. We would love your feedback and are always open to future theme suggestions.



Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos | Communication Intern – João Victor Campos
Author – Journalist Daiana Barasa and Juliana Rodrigues | Naiá

*All Rights Reserved to Elephant Skin Group Corp.​

02/23/2023 - 3:53 PM EST

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