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We are Elephants!

ELEPHANT SKIN innovates and expands by creating an organizational structure based on freedom, trust, and horizontal hierarchy!

According to research by Zenklub, an online psychological care platform, the tech sector was considered the worst in which to work. However, Elephant Skin (ES) continues to attract talent and grows exponentially by utilizing a system of horizontal hierarchy, based on individual autonomy, freedom and trust.

The Zenklub study surveyed 1,600 people from 355 companies throughout different regions of Brazil. The survey participants were employed across a variety of fields and questioned specifically about their levels of exhaustion, employment concerns, work relationships, the corporate environment, professional demands, and personal control in the workplace. Those employed in the tech sector scored the lowest, reaching only 34 of a total 100 points possible.

This data serves to illustrate the benefits to employers when their employees are free to disconnect from work during their off hours, as well as the respect those employees show for the organization in which they work, as it relates to their personal well-being and quality of life.

Elephant Skin is a creative platform for the real estate market (, and today one of the most admired Archviz companies in the world. They have strategically focused on people since their conception in 2017. “We were born from this! I have always been moved by people. At first I worked alone, but I missed being with people. So, I had the idea that this company would be a platform for people. And, because we believe that talent is spread around the globe, we were born and have remained remote in order to eliminate geographic barriers altogether,” says Henrique Driessen, founder and CEO.

First and foremost, it was important to break the traditional pyramid model existing in most companies today. In order to create a collaborative workplace culture, Elephant Skin implemented a horizontal hierarchy with flexible work hours, allowing personal autonomy and trust to naturally guide their passage. As the company continued to grow, it became imperative that all new employees understood and embraced the culture in which they would now work.

Giovana Driessen, co-founder and COO of the company, started to look for comparable concepts existing in nature, and came up with the Molecular Structure of Elephant Skin. “We initially called our work units ‘cell teams,’ and it was from there that I went looking for references in my old science handouts from high school. I went back to studying the structure of cells, molecules, and the composition and functionality of DNA. Eventually, I found several correlations that could easily be adapted to our budding new reality. Everything fit together so seamlessly, and I quickly realized that we were already working in an impressively connected and natural way."

There are four bases that make up the composition of DNA: adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine. Analogously, Elephant Skin created a molecular composition of cells representing each of their four technical divisions: CGI, Film, Branding and ES. Giovana elaborates: “All of them are united, exchanging information, having autonomy to perform their functions, though directly connected, and together forming a living being. In molecular structure, every atom is a necessary component in the existence and functionality of each molecule. Likewise, Elephant Skin needs all people to do their best work for the whole to prosper. These four pillars, in conjunction with our people-based culture, define Elephant Skin today.”

Implementing the horizontal hierarchy and this organizational model, Elephant Skin has already attracted more than 100 multidisciplinary collaborators spread across 30 cities around the world. Their objective is to continue attracting first-class talent that can contribute even more to the company's growth and development.

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