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Laura Echeverry,
Production Manager

Frederic Chomé,
3D Artist


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Here we make the world smaller. What is it like to have professional freedom and work from wherever you desire?
 We are a global company and have more than 100 people spread across 30 cities around the  world.

As a creative platform focused on the real estate market, one of our prime objectives is to  continue attracting the best talent, without geographic barriers. We provide these professionals  with opportunities for expansion, freedom, and the ability to work from anywhere in the world.  Here at ES, we choose to break barriers and support all the benefits that remote work can  bring to a journey of professional and personal growth.

Remotely, it can be a challenge to keep an individual engaged, especially with regard to  communication and exchange with the team. Our team deals with people from completely  different cultures and time zones; people who have children or not, and people of different  ages and life experiences. This is why autonomy and freedom are pivotal virtues of ES.

We were born remote and use software (slack and asana) for our communication and  management. We also have an IT department integrated into all the company's processes,  providing the necessary support so that all of our professionals can develop work of the utmost  quality.
The Production Manager at ES, Laura Echeverry, was born in Colombia, currently lives in  Buenos Aires, Argentina and sees in remote work a flexibility that gives her quality of life:

“With remote work, I was able to resume my studies, develop new skills, and explore new  hobbies. When I joined ES a year and a half ago, I knew that the work would be 100% remote,  but this does not affect my proximity to the team, as we talk daily to align what needs to be  done. In addition, I am always in constant contact with the customers.”

Home Office X Remote Work: At ES, there is freedom to make that choice.  

Global research carried out by the consultancy Gartner showed that in 2022, 31% of all  workers in the world would be remote (a mixture of the hybrid and totally remote model). This  has had an impact on a reassessment and preparation of the IT infrastructure for full  adaptation to digital business models.

Working from home or remotely is not the same thing and one is not a better model than the  other. They are simply two different ways of working that are linked to people’s needs and  choices, while respecting the company’s culture.

The home office is one of the modalities within remote work, but it cannot be considered  remote solely for that reason.

According to Inc., the home office can be exemplified in the context in which the professional  will spend a few days working from home during the week or for an extended period,  depending on their needs.

It also serves as a “break in the routine,” in which it is possible to bring the laptop home from  work, for example, but still, there remains the physical structure of the office.

In the remote area, also referred to as “Anywhere Office,” it is work that can be carried out from  anywhere in the world and at any time “out of the office.” The professional can work from  home, in a coworking space, a cafe, outdoors, wherever he/she chooses.

However, there is a different culture when working remotely, which involves the ability of  professionals to manage themselves as best suits their reality, organizing their schedules and  availability, while balancing professional and personal commitments.

Since ES is a company with global operations, there are particularities that come into play,  such as adjusting the time zone according to each country that interacts.

Think big or go home!  

Why work from your bedroom if you could be anywhere in the world right now? Yes, it is  possible! And we encourage this big thinking in our culture.

Here at ES, we even support the transition of our professionals. When they wish to go to  another country, we make ourselves available to offer resources that can help them to develop  their activities with the team.

The 3D Artist here at ES, Frederic Chomé, is currently living in England and sees the freedom of  remote work as a huge advantage:

“This is my first remote job and this experience really opened my mind. Since I am constantly moving, ES is always supporting me with what I need to perform my best at work. If you have that freedom and the right tools, you can work from a coffee shop or a WeWork office whenever you want, changing the environment and meeting different people. You just need to be aware of your tasks and deadlines”.

If you are or want to become a Digital Nomad, Elephant Skin is the place!  

Laura already had the experience of spending two months in Europe and three months in  Colombia visiting family and friends. She met part of the ES team while visiting Brazil and is  currently in the United States for two months. “I organize my flights and my schedule so that I  can be present at my professional appointments. I adjust to the time zone of the team and my  clients, and thus manage to reconcile my work with my personal life. The opportunity to be  closer to my friends and family is the most important thing.” This flexibility and freedom  attracts many people to become digital nomads.

According to research carried out by Lonely Planet, most professionals (61%) who have joined  the work culture as digital nomads work in technology-related companies. About 70% of  professionals in this category are between 24 and 44 years old, while 35% are between 45 and  54 years old.

The same study showed that in recent years there has been a major change in people's  perception of value. It seems people today are much more focused on experiences than on  material acquisitions.

To work remotely, the professional can opt for the “digital nomad visa” (which combines the  tourist visa and the temporary migrant visa). There may, however, be variations regarding the  length of stay according to each country. If you have dual citizenship already, the person can  stay out for up to six months.

Your work can be an instrument of freedom.  

Fred expounds, “It’s so freeing. You grow as a person and get to know other cultures and  possibilities. Remote work encourages one to acquire another perception of quality of life that  makes a lot of difference. If you have the opportunity to get out of your house, give yourself the  chance. And you don't have to go that far. Start with a nearby destination, or an experience of  living on the beach, if that's what you want. You'll really feel scared, but that’s okay, because  it's worth it.”

Here at ES, we make the world smaller and are not attached to places. Freedom is in our  culture and people are free to be whoever they want and go wherever they want. We  encourage you to learn, share, and leave your elephant footprints around the world!


Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos | Communication Intern – João Victor Campos
Author – Journalist Daiana Barasa and Juliana Rodrigues | Naiá
Interviewed – Laura Echeverry – Production Manager | Frederic Chomé – 3D Artist

*All Rights Reserved to Elephant Skin Group Corp.​

02/16/2023 - 3:53 PM EST

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