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Inspired by biology, studying the functioning of human DNA, Elephant Skin DNA was born. 


Elephant Skin it´s a creative agency focused on Real Estate that was born remotely. 

Since day 01, Elephant Skin has had a primary focus on people and a different work culture, where it makes sense for each professional to be there and have their personal values aligned with ES's values.

Traditional companies usually structure themselves in a pyramid-like manner, with a clear vertical hierarchy, where decisions and power are concentrated at the top of the organization. The problem with this model is that there comes a point where people have nowhere else to grow. They become stagnant and end up leaving the company. 

What Elephant Skin set out to do was to think and create something different, based on trust and freedom. We overturned the traditional organizational pyramid and proposed a horizontal structure, where we are no longer talking about an individual, but rather a group of people who can go much further together. The goal is to encourage professionals to grow and develop.


We are a living system!

Today, our organizational structure is designed like a molecule, where no atom (individual) or cell (team) is larger than the other. Everyone is equally important for the proper functioning of the whole.

Elephant Skin has designed the DNA model - molecules to describe the functioning of its autonomous "cells," or teams. This ensures that each "segment" of the DNA is present across all cores, allowing us to expand our operations without the need for bureaucratization and verticalization of decision-making.

Interested in learning more about how our DNA works?

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