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/Posted 06.26.2024


/Full Time

/International / Remote


/About us

Elephant Skin is a skilled and nimble creative agency that focuses exclusively on real estate development, architecture, and landscape projects.


We specialize in crafting sophisticated and uniquely creative storytelling, 3D renderings, animations, and films specially tailored to a property’s life cycle.


Our team comprises 90 talented people, among architects, 3D artists, designers, landscape architects, client managers, graphic designers, and real estate professionals, located in more than 20 different locations worldwide.


We have helped organizations meet their project marketing goals and currently have operations in Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, São Paulo, Curitiba, and Shanghai.

The Senior 3D Artist is a confident artist who produces images with a high level of complexity, considering a high level of details and information and is a reference for the team in artistic and technical questions. Ability to organize production in the absence of the Product Owner.



/Rhythm of the production process;

/Level of supervision;

/Level of organization and optimization of files;

/Overall quality of the images;

/Follow Internal process;

/Quality of previews;

/Reliability in complex and strategic projects;

/Ability to share knowledge.



/Lead the team in the absence of the Product Owner;

/Monitor and guide Inter 2, Inter 1 and Junior artists, helping them to achieve best results and grow in their careers;

/Work in production of lower complexity scenes without supervision;

/Work in complex scenes with minimum supervision;- Work in interior images;- Work in exterior images;

/Work in façade images;

/Work in images with a lot of landscaping;

/Work in 360 images and virtual tours;

/Work in photomontages using camera match;

/Produce adjustments using Adobe Photoshop in order to improve the overall quality of the image;- Add people using Adobe Photoshop;

/Combine geometry from different sources (architecture and furniture) following a proposed layout in a single file;

/Distribute accessories in the scene to enhance the composition and to highlight the storytelling;

/Propose camera options using the appropriate framing techniques according to the message to be delivered;

/Lighting the scene according the moodboard;

/Develop lighting solutions with high level of complexity and clear light hierarchy proposition;

/Create highly complex realistic materials with great level of accuracy and fidelity to references;- Work in an organized and optimized way within 3dsmax, following the Elephant Skin CGI Manual;

/Scene optimization (texture resolutions, displacement, number of lights, etc);- Solve complex problems that may arise during projects;

/Be present in dailys to discuss the progress and distribution of tasks with the team;

/Participate in meetings related to projects, when requested;

/Complete tasks within the deadline;

/Daily update information within asana tasks (e.g effort);

/Correctly name folders and files, in addition to saving files in the correct places, according to Elephant Skin standards.


/Minimum six years experience in another 3D company;

/Master technical knowledge in 3dsmax, Corona Renderer and Photoshop;

/Ability to work in several projects simultaneously;

/Ability to share knowledge;

/Ability to present ideas and give feedbacks in friendly language;

/Adaptability and an enthusiasm for continuous learning;

/Self-motivate and takes challenges with minimum direction, with the ability to see when something needs to be done and react accordingly;

/Must be able to read technical drawings and information;

/Artistic sensitivity;

/Master production of interior images;

/Master production of exterior images;

/Master production of façade images;

/Master production of images with a lot of landscaping;

/Master production of 360 images and virtual tours;

/Master production of photomontages using camera match;

/Lighting the scene with realism providing appropriate lighting techniques;

/Create highly complex realistic materials with great level of accuracy and fidelity to references;

/Advanced knowledge of poly modeling to produce, adjust and refine models of common architectural elements;

/Advanced knowledge of 3dsMax viewport navigation, shortcuts and modifiers;

/Proficiency of Elephant Skin forest pack’s workflow;

/Advanced knowledge of DOF and motion blur techniques using lens settings in 3ds max;

/Know how to place the photograph of the background to match the perspective and lighting of the scene;

/Master Corona renderer and its tools, and others 3dsmax tools (e.g corona lights, corona sun and sky, HDRI, corona ray switch, corona distance, corona AO, corona mapping randomizer, corona normal, corona round edges, bump, color correction, composite, displacement, falloff, noise, tiles);

/Advanced knowledge of best practices regarding geometry (proxies, Xrefs, chamfers, turbosmooth, etc);

/Unwrap geometry with high complexity;- Know how to use LightMix considering RAM optimization;

To Apply:

Send us an e-mail with your resume and cover letter, telling us why you want to be part of Elephant Skin, to Please add on "Subject"  (LAST NAME, NAME) - SENIOR 3D ARTIST - CITY. 

Elephant Skin welcomes and encourages diversity in the workplace. At Elephant Skin, we believe that an inclusive environment benefits our employees, our firm, and our community because it makes our team, work, and the built environment better. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and take affirmative action to employ equally regardless of color, race, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, or Veteran status.

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