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/Tech Artist - Unreal

/Posted 04.04.2024


/Full Time

/International / Remote


/About us

Elephant Skin is a skilled and nimble creative agency that focuses exclusively on real estate development, architecture, and landscape projects.


We specialize in crafting sophisticated and uniquely creative storytelling, 3D renderings, animations, and films specially tailored to a property’s life cycle.


Our team comprises 90 talented people, among architects, 3D artists, designers, landscape architects, client managers, graphic designers, and real estate professionals, located in more than 20 different locations worldwide.


We have helped organizations meet their project marketing goals and currently have operations in Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, São Paulo, Curitiba, and Shanghai.

Tech Artist for Archviz combines technical and artistic skills to create visually stunning and realistic modern environments. Playing a crucial role at the intersection of art and technology, ensuring that architectural visualization projects achieve the highest standards of visual quality and technical performance.


/Visual Quality of Projects;

/Project Performance:

/Delivery Time

/Workflow Efficiency

/Collaboration and Communication

/Technological Updates


/Collaborate with 3D artists to create realistic architectural environments using Unreal Engine 5;

/Develop and implement tools and pipelines to optimize the production workflow.

/Optimize performance and visual quality of projects, ensuring they meet high-quality standards;

/Troubleshoot technical and performance issues related to rendering, lighting, shadows, visual effects, and other graphical aspects;

/Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the field of architectural visualization and Unreal Engine 5;

/Make a demonstrable contribution towards the company’s program of continuous improvement;

/The ability to create and maintain clear and comprehensive documentation of the processes involved;

/The ability to understand and manage time and tasks effectively to meet project deadlines and goals;

/Promote and act in accordance with company values, systems, policies and procedures;

/Report to managemant when required;

/Train staff.


/Spanish is a plus;

/Management or Supervisor experience;

/Experience includes creating schedules, changing processes, implementing platforms and tools, measuring data through automated dashboards, understanding agile methodology, conducting debriefings, and comprehending digital communication channels;

/Experience working with creative teams in agencies or companies;

/Having technical skills such as process implementation and tool utilization (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator);

/Experience with data collection to propose improvements;

/Experience with project management platforms and softwares;

/Ability to meet and exceed goals;

/Ability to build relationships and teams;

/Excellent communication and negotiation skills;

/Ability to maintain and develop client business relationships;

/Showing a strong understanding of the company's products and services;

/Demonstrating architectural knowledge to read and understand technical drawings, related information, and terms;

/Strong Project Management skills;

/Great creativity and innovation skills;

/Excellent organization skills;

/High attention to details;

/Display a patient, calm, polite, and professional behavior at all times;

/Great problem-solving skills;

/Ability to work in a fast pace environment;

/Ability to work in different timezones;

/Ability to set and meet deadlines;

/Strong leadership skills;

/Ability to communicate effectively with the team and translate the client’s idea into production.

To Apply:

Send us an e-mail with your resume and cover letter, telling us why you want to be part of Elephant Skin, to Please add on "Subject"  (LAST NAME, NAME) - TECH ARTIST - CITY.



Elephant Skin welcomes and encourages diversity in the workplace. At Elephant Skin, we believe that an inclusive environment benefits our employees, our firm, and our community because it makes our team, work, and the built environment better. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and take affirmative action to employ equally regardless of color, race, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, or Veteran status.

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