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Carolina Cataldo,
3D Artist

Isadora Cervi,
3D Artist


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Women in the 3D market: the new one is for you too… take a chance!
The ‘risk of not taking risks’

“The ‘risk of not taking risks’ can be harmful to women because they then miss out on many transformative opportunities for their careers,” says Saksi Tulsian, founder and CRO at POSist Technologies. 

Tulsian points out that the research shows one of the most common stereotypes needing to be challenged is that women are naturally risk-averse. Furthermore, it is shown that taking risks is not inherent to men, because it is driven by ones environment and social interactions. 

A study conducted of 2,000 women by KPMG showed that only 8% of respondents concluded that taking risks was what contributed most to their professional success. 

In order for women to work in new markets such as 3D, where most of the professionals are men, companies need to implement a more inclusive culture, which encourages the hiring of women. 

Elephant Skin currently has 35 female professionals. CEO Giovana Driessen can be credited with attracting more women to work for the company, as she inspires and introduces greater job security to female applicants. 

Giovana defends the idea that companies need to encourage the performance of women in contexts where male participation is predominant, as well as build a favorable culture for female career growth. 

Giovana explains, “It is necessary to create a culture that eliminates the barriers that prevent women from seeking new positions by offering autonomy and empowerment, as well as a space where women have a voice and audience, where they can be heard, face new challenges, and assume leadership positions.” 

The company relies on the work of artists and professionals who develop 3D projects, with the objective of expanding their network of experts for the female audience. 

3D Artist at Elephant Skin, Carolina Cataldo, says that she became interested in the 3D market when she came across the subject of architectural visualization in college.

Carolina used the Autodesk 3DMax software, which was not as user-friendly as SketchUp, and was primarily only taught by men. “I was soon sought after by college colleagues to take pictures. I started to publicize some of my work on Instagram, and opportunities as a freelancer began to emerge.” 

When she decided to leave her job as an architect, Carolina was found by ES on Behance. Her initial impression, however, was not so positive. She felt unqualified, inexperienced, and “too junior” to work for a global company such as Elephant Skin. 

Carolina says, “Men can apply for positions in which they are not fully qualified and get hired. Women, on the other hand, hesitate to even apply when they identify a few points in which they are not qualified. When I started here, I felt a little shy, seeing that there were only men on the production team. But, what gave me strength was knowing that the CEO of the agency was a woman.” 

3D Artist Isadora Cervi explains that while studying architecture, she became familiar with the SketchUp program, started taking 3DMax courses and producing images, but over time found herself in a place of stagnation. It felt serendipitous when, at that moment, ES reached out to her through a Facebook group. 

Isadora remembers, “I started working at a new sector at ES in the modeling area. Prior to ES, I realized that I had not been given credit for being a woman, whereas here, I always had support and felt valued. In short order, I was transferred to the image department, which hitherto had only been for men. People are very open to dialogue and we continue to see more and more women here.” 

Henrique Driessen, architect and founder CGO of Elephant Skin says, “The real estate market is mostly women. They say that the market is predominantly male, but what we see are women leading most of the projects. Among the many clients that ES has today, the majority are women. These women are professional architects who coordinate the projects. And most importantly, our CEO Giovana Driessen has been an inspiration to many women here at Elephant Skin.” 

Carolina Cataldo, who initially felt inexperienced and “very junior” has, in short order, been recognized for being a distinctly dedicated professional with a sensitive eye for detail, and has quickly advanced two positions at ES. 

Sensitivity and attention to detail are strong attributes among women. 


Carolina really likes to make internal images and believes that 3D goes beyond technique. She has an artistic look into sensations that need to be considered before the creation process can begin.

“When you see an image of a kitchen, for example, it's vital that you can smell the freshly brewed coffee. You have the desire to touch the the objects. The image brings about an emotion; a nostalgia for something. What excites me about 3D is the challenge and possibility. I enjoy being able to do anything and everything,” she says. 

Isadora, on the other hand, is passionate about the details within furniture models, such as the sewing of the fabrics, as well as the many possibilities that can be explored in a scene. “Even though it is an architectural project, we commit to giving the images a uniquely specific touch. I find this inspiring!” 

If you already work in 3D, why not take more risks? 

Carolina advises, “There are a lot of women in 3D, but there should be more. Women often want to get into a place, but don't apply because they think that they need to know more. My advice to these women is to take more risks!” 

Isadora believes that many women feel intimidated to publicize their work. “In groups on social networks, I notice that there are very few women posting because it is a predominantly male space. So, spread your work! I stumbled into a lot of great opportunities on social networks, and I refuse to surrender to fear.” 

Elephant Skin has a strong culture that prioritizes growth and career advancement for female and male professionals, especially for those people at different levels of technical knowledge who are willing to learn. 

The growth of 3D art and digital architecture presents an excellent opportunity to develop and embrace new experiences in this thriving market. 

Up for a challenge? Maybe this is your place!


Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos

Jornalist Daiana Barasa and Juliana Rodrigues | Naiá

Interviewed – Carolina Cataldo 3D Artist, Isadora Cervi 3D Artist and Giovana Driessen CEO

All Rights Reserved to Elephant Skin Group Corp.

06/10/2022 - 4:38 PM EST

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