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Building WOW Stories! Experience Marketing for Real Estate Developers.

Elephant Skin was conceived to tell memorable stories, which have such an effect that we call them WOW stories!

Each project is unique and in order to tell a story capable of connecting people and effectively representing the brand, we rely on talented story creators who have made experience marketing a successful attraction for the real estate development market.

A presentation that awakens emotions and activates the imagination has a very different effect on human perception. Neuroscience presents interesting evidence on this topic.

MRI scans show that many different areas of the brain 'turn on' when someone is listening to a narrative; not just the networks involved in language processing, but other neural circuits as well. Another study showed that the brain networks that process emotions arising from sounds are activated, especially when exposed to emotional parts of the story.

This means that a good story is capable of moving the person emotionally and awakening emotions as strong as if they themselves were living the details of the narrative.

How can stories impact the presentation of developers?

Marketing Manager at Elephant Skin, Juliana Priester, with her extensive experience in experiential marketing for developers, explains that the first step to telling a good story is to break the line of the obvious. For example, discussing basic topics including location and length, which are important criteria, do not have the effect of a narrative that generates connection.

Juliana explains, “We can talk about a product, the technical differences, the constructive capacity, or the size of the company, but there are some things that touch you elsewhere, that generate a connection and create the effect of a WOW story! These stories have a beginning, middle and end, and bring together elements that are clear to the public, but that go beyond the rational barrier, connecting with the human side and generating sensations and emotional responses.”

Elements we choose to tell a story

There are thousands of brands on the planet, but what makes some stand out more than others? Why do some brands have such an impact to the point of being mentioned in conversations between friends? Why are some held up as successful cases in work meetings?

Our creative projects always tell the story of people and their dreams. The challenge is to make the public feel absorbed in the human motivations. The concept of one of our projects (the Opera venture) was based on the music and sophistication of an actual opera.

The invitation to launch this event came in the form of a music box in the shape of a piano. The music box is wound up and the ballerina on top begins to dance. Already, in that first moment, many people feel impacted because childhood memories have been awakened.

Juliana narrates important details present in this campaign: “The branding sector developed the narrative in five acts as a testament to the opera which is also presented in acts. The campaign took place in the form of a teaser, in which each week the communication team launched “a new act” in the media, generating expectations in the public.”

The launch of the project took place in an art gallery, where the fifth act was performed, leading to the revelation of the project. The guests had access to the film developed by Elephant Skin, and a contemporary dancer danced to the music present in the film. As she danced, she removed the cloths that covered the frames with the images of the project in an art exhibition context. At the end of the dancer’s choreography, she removed the last cloth that covered the model and revealed the release, ending the last act of the campaign sequence.

The guests were moved by the beautiful presentation of a real estate project. The structure of the property had been disclosed through story; a story that had as its center the exuberance of an opera and the exploration of the senses. It was WOW!

But, it's not just emotion that ensures the effectiveness of a powerful narrative. Peter Guber, president and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, whose films have had 50 Oscar nominations and grossed billions of dollars worldwide, believes that it is emotion combined with information that becomes memorable and actionable. Moreover, he advises:

“Be interested, not interesting, or else the audience will never understand.” Storytelling is not a monologue, but a dialogue with the audience.

Juliana believes that there are three fundamental pillars to generating connection with the public in high-end real estate development: history, exclusivity, and experience.

• A good story manages to position the brand in a unique way, uniting emotion to the project;

Exclusivity makes the customer feel unique and this proximity (through dialogue) generates a relationship with the brand;

• Totally immersive experience, which is possible by exploring the senses and accentuating the smallest details.

The expert highlights another essential factor for good experience marketing:

“What makes a ‘WOW Story’ successful is the coherence between all elements of the story being told. In events developed by us, we maintain the cohesion of the narrative, in which all the factors present in that universe are very clear to the public. And when people see the result, every detail, then the WOW effect materializes!”

Unforgettable stories are built with a trained eye for small details

Real estate development carries much more than beauty and physical structure; it evokes the realization of a dream or a new stage in a one's life. It is necessary to build a story for that place that has a connection with the personal motivation of each potential client.

“Acquiring a property always revolves around a dream: expanding the family, moving to another city, starting a new phase of life, or even making an investment. The real estate sector is much more than just buying and selling, and that's what you have to keep in mind when structuring the communication of a new development,” believes Juliana.

At Elephant Skin, when we are faced with a challenging project, we are able to see beyond the physical structure. A story is always for the people. One of the incredible abilities that only we human beings have is that of being able to share a narrative and provoke emotion.

We are proud to bring together talent from around the world as we grow our global community.

Now, let's create your WOW story!

Written by:

Juliana Priester Marketing Manager


Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos | Communication Intern – João Victor Campos

Author – Jornalist Daiana Barasa and Juliana Rodrigues | Naiá

Interviewed - Juliana Priester - Marketing Manager

*All Rights Reserved to Elephant Skin Group Corp.

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