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Global Reach, Local Impact!

Elephant Skin: A Global Journey with Local Impact in Real Estate

In a world where information knows no boundaries, and creativity flows freely across borders, Elephant Skin stands as a testament to the power of global reach with a local impact. But, before diving into the depths of what Elephant Skin represents today, it's essential to understand its humble beginnings and the vision that set it on this remarkable journey.

Elephant Skin emerged as a change pioneering for a disruptive force in the realm of real estate and creative intelligence. We embarked on this venture from scratch, armed with a wealth of internal knowledge from the real estate market and the creative world. We connected them! We connected them so tightly that they became one giant Elephant. 

Elephant Skin was born six years ago out of an urge to tell stories that matter and resonate. We are real estate enthusiasts, and we want to make a difference. But as we gazed at this extraordinary creation, a question surfaced – why confine these captivating stories to the local stage? The answer was clear: creativity knows no bounds. It's a force that transcends geographical borders and speaks to the hearts of people worldwide. With this realization, Elephant Skin embraced its destiny as a global entity, unburdened by the limitations of specific locations. Wherever there are people seeking inspiration, challenge, and a touch of creativity, Elephant Skin is there!

Today, Elephant Skin has evolved into a renowned creative intelligence platform exclusively dedicated to real estate developments. Through brand storytelling, creative intelligence, marketing strategy, 3D renderings, film animation, interactive tours, and immersive and interactive presentations, we've transformed the way real estate projects are conceived and presented.

The company has experienced significant growth, expanding from a two-person operation to a company with over 100 employees. With clients in Miami, Chicago, New York, British Columbia, Ontario, and Brazil, Elephant Skin is now setting its sights on expansion in Europe and the Middle East.

One question that often arises is our knowledge of the unique aspects, specificities, and cultures of the places we operate in. Here's where Elephant Skin's true strength lies – we blend global experience with local intelligence. Each operation is led by a native director of accounts and a dedicated team equipped with industry experience and intimate knowledge of the local landscape. Our team comprises real estate professionals, architects, artists, designers, and marketing strategists. These teams immerse themselves in the local vibes of each project, recognizing that every location has its own set of intricacies to connect with potential buyers effectively.

We're on a mission to shape the future of real estate. Elephant Skin is on the path to reinventing how people buy, search for new projects, and create a new generation of real estate developers.

Our goal is to become the world's biggest platform for real estate developments in five years, with a presence on all continents.

As we continue this extraordinary journey, we invite you to join us in redefining the boundaries of creativity, connectivity, and the real estate landscape. Our global reach is a testament to the boundless possibilities that await us, and our local impact is a reminder of the difference we can make in the communities we touch.

Elephant Skin Team


Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos | Communication Intern – João Victor Campos

*All Rights Reserved to Elephant Skin Group Corp.

About Us

Born in 2017 in Miami, Elephant Skin offers a cutting-edge, integrated branding experience for real

estate developers. Our services include brand storytelling, still renderings, concept development,

CGI, 3D renderings, film productions, floor plans and interactive tours. We are a company for

creators, for people that never settle.



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