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Hello Channel: Don't Be Shy, Say Hello!

There is a place where even the shyest ones say "Hello," in their native language, without fear or shame. This is the culture that every elephant has helped build and it creates a strong sense of belonging for each new member of this herd.

Global, remote, and currently with over 100 people on the team, here we experience the culture of #Hello.

Approximately 95% of communication at ES is done through the Slack platform, and Hello is an informal interaction channel for people to meet, interact, and have the freedom to share a bit about life and its peculiarities.

Being among the best companies in the world to work for and building an inclusive space where people can be themselves and feel included is one of our goals and is part of our employer brand. Cultural alignment between personal values and Elephant Skin values is a focus factor from hiring to internal team development.

And to build an employer brand that is recognized by professionals and the market, leading with their own values is one of the premises, making it clear to everyone the characteristics of the culture they are part of.

Hello Culture - A community where people can rely on each other

Hello_global is a channel that welcomes all ES team members, serving as the first entry point to the community for new Elephants during their onboarding process.

It is based on the interaction between individuals and aims to build connections that go beyond remote work.

Communication Manager Roberta Munhoz explains that Hello, despite its chill and relaxed nature, also becomes a place where people can safely vent about more complex issues, such as the loss of a loved one, a pet, or other delicate matters:

"It's a space for people to feel comfortable expressing whatever they want," she adds.

Currently, we have professionals spread across 65 cities around the world, and one of Hello's main objectives is to bring people together in remote work despite geographical barriers.

There are cases where digital interaction transitions to in-person meetings, and it is common for those who live in the same city or nearby to meet in person for a happy hour, a concert of their favorite band, or any other event.

HubES is the interactive space of ES, located in Curitiba, State of Paraná, where some in-person activities take place, bringing together Elephants who live in the region or who want to come from other places to interact personally. However, in general, the predominant form of communication is through Slack groups.

"It's our daily communication that gives us a sense of belonging. It's funny how we feel so close to people with whom we only interact virtually. Things flow very naturally," comments Roberta.

Safe environments to interact contribute to the development and well-being of individuals

ES's Human and Organizational Development (HOD), an area that combines HR with organizational development, has the role of providing professionals with a healthy and safe environment where important values are experienced.

The founder and CGO at ES, Henrique Driessen, emphasizes:

"We don't hire people because we think they fit in. The beauty lies in discovering each individual and seeing what happens. Working with people is a daily effort. It's about building affection, culture, respect, and listening.”

Psychological safety, a term initially coined by Harvard Business School professor Amy C. Edmondson, is described by her as “a shared belief held by members of a team that their team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking”.

Psychologist Bruna Schmitz, an coordinator at ES's HOD, explains that according to Psychology, an individual's personality is initially formed through interactions with the groups they belong to (their family, school, friends, etc.).

In early adulthood, individuals are shaped by their interactions with the organizational group they work with and spend many hours with during the week:

"In this scenario, the quality of the interpersonal relationships we establish in this work space is crucial for maintaining our mental and physical health, and even for our self-perception of value and self-esteem," she emphasizes.

The Hello culture promotes healthy structures of interaction that have an impact on the development and well-being of individuals, leading to healthy behaviors that extend to their team members, family, and community.

In addition to Hello, there are other interaction channels at ES, such as LoungES for those who enjoy sharing music; interaction channels created by artists to communicate within their group, among others.

Regarding physical and mental health, a highlight is the Elephant CarES channel, where interaction is facilitated through topics, with a monthly online meeting to bring content focused on the most discussed subject.

There is no ‘I’ in Team – Collaboration that goes way beyond work

"It's not enough to be the world's best company in terms of size, revenue, or prestige. It truly needs to be the greatest company in the world for each person within it. I want ES to be the inclusive space I couldn't find in other companies," highlights Henrique.

A large community of people you can rely on and to whom you'll also be there for if they need you ― that's the #Hello culture!

Elephant Skin Team


Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos | Communication Intern – João Victor Campos

Author – Jornalist Daiana Barasa and Juliana Rodrigues | Naiá

*All Rights Reserved to Elephant Skin Group Corp.

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