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Positioning strategies that will change sales in the luxury market of the gigantic New York

How is the famous Big Apple going to retain its crown while looking for further growth in the real estate market and success among global investors?

According to this article published by the New York Post, real estate brokerage Douglas Elliman and consultant agency Knight Frank showed through their 17th edition of the Annual Wealth Report that in the year of 2022, there were more ultra-prime deals closed in New York than in anywhere else in the globe. But even if NY has ranked at the top of the pyramid, such growth was way below the expected in comparison to much more meaningful advances in other cities.

"This scenario reflects how the volatility of the luxury real estate market requires marketing and branding strategies linked to the product development strategy, reduces the sales force, and optimizes investments in marketing. The product sells by itself."

A creative platform specialized in the luxury market works alongside Real Estate developers for smart solutions to increase sales

What causes, even in a controversial scenario, sales in the luxury market to have higher and higher rates?

From the conception of a project to the analysis of the potential client, it is necessary to think about the marketing experience that connects the ideal buyer with the development project in the creation of the product.

"We embrace the biggest challenges in the world when it comes to luxury real estate launches. Our intelligence linked to the product has boosted the results of large developers that we work in partnership with." - Quote from the Elephant Skin marketing team.

Real estate creative platform - this is how many customers have been referring to Elephant Skin. The challenge of Mission Group’s campaign and the Aqua Waterfront Village Enterprise is an example of a result coming from creative intelligence.

The Aqua project, a new Resort District in Kelowna, Canada, was developed in nine months, and while still being built, had 71% of the development sold. Aiming at the customer’s experience, it featured a film, images, a virtual tour focusing on the customer’s journey and a storytelling that related to the potential buyer.

In order to relate to the potential customers and investors, it is necessary to explore what is most modern, creative and exclusive out there that reflects an assertive communication with efficient results in sales.

The question to be asked is: who are the potential customers with whom we need to relate to? Customizing is fundamental in niche markets and ES makes use of this resource paired up with the potential of its strong team of creative production.

If you are developing a tower with 150 apartments, you need 150 buyers, not 151, not 300. Your project is not for everyone. It shouldn't be.” is the metaphor used by the CGO (Chief Growth Officer) and founder of ES, Henrique Driessen.

Luxury real estate market – 4 successful strategies to boost sales

In challenging and promising markets, such as real estate in New York, it is necessary to think outside the box and understand what the customers want.

We gathered 4 successful strategies that lead to assertive sales, even when faced with challenges.

  • Diving in customization

“For a remarkable customer experience, it is necessary to dive into a deep customization, propelled by the Post-Luxury trend, from communication to the purchasing experience. It is fundamental to deepen your knowledge on the customers’ real tastes, habits and wants”, believes the Marketing team at ES.

Every detail needs to be mulled over by the professionals that turn marketing into a unique experience for both developers and customers.

In every 3D image, film, and virtual tour, what is presented through archviz is desire, not only for the development, but mostly for the lifestyle it evokes.

The entire creation aimed at the luxury real estate market is done by an experienced team, able to develop unique strategies that add value to the buyer or investor in a cooperative work with the developer.

  • The power of Storytelling to attract and engage potential buyers: We avoid being boring!

Storytelling is an essential aspect of marketing for the luxury real estate market.

It involves deploying narrative techniques that create an emotional connection between the buyer/investor and the project. This may involve the story of the property, its architecture and design, while it can also emphasize the lifestyle it offers.

When a touching and engaging story is told, we can engage the potential buyer, creating the desire for consumption of that enterprise.

The biggest global platforms for real estate have been putting their intelligence together in the art of telling stories to elevate the brand of the development and awaken the desire for the lifestyle it brings.

On the real estate creative platform ES, the most talented professionals are gathered, causing the "WOW Story!" effect on campaigns, which comes from when the narrative is so powerful it leaves no room for words but feelings only. Elephant Skin came to life from the desire to tell stories!

  • High-impact Experience Marketing

It is necessary to present the brand in a unique style and, additionally, to add emotion and connection to the project.

It is not enough to discuss basic themes such as location and square footage. Although these are important criteria, they do not create the same effect as a powerful and humanized narrative does.

Engagement needs to be guided by purpose.

Experience marketing can only be efficient when paired up with branding and positioning strategies that are aligned and cohesive, in a way that ensures a unique, seamless experience.

Customization, exclusivity and valuable deliveries are among the essential attributes that lead to a successful deal with buyers and investors.

  • Watching for Innovation - Exploring new trends

New technologies come and consumer trends change. The industry is forced to adapt in order to remain competitive.

One of the most significant innovations for the real estate market has been online platforms to buy and sell real estate, replacing the traditional model with agents and brokers.

Innovation had to occur due to real estate investment trusts (REITS) as well. These models make a wider range of investments available to the investor and facilitate diversifying a portfolio.

For the luxury real estate market in big cities such as New York, it is fundamental to strategically combine marketing and branding

It is possible to overcome economic barriers and challenges in the real estate area when the priority becomes telling the best stories behind each project and the lifestyle they bring.

We gathered the most talented minds around the globe in the search of a marketing team able to overcome even a scenario of economic volatility such as what happens in NYC.

Elephant Skin Team


Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos | Communication Intern – João Victor Campos

Author – Jornalist Daiana Barasa and Juliana Rodrigues | Naiá

*All Rights Reserved to Elephant Skin Group Corp.

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