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We Create WOW Stories! We brought life to the exuberant Aqua project!

An amazing project, a nice story to tell.

Mission Group's Aqua Waterfront Village in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, is a stunning master-planned community comprised of residential condos, townhouses and commercial retail spaces. Situated on the waterfront of Okanagan Lake, the homes and amenity spaces were thoughtfully designed to cultivate the desired lifestyle and elevated experiences of resort-style living.

Elephant Skin was chosen to bring this community to life through renderings, film and virtual tours. So, our team of artists, with the help of CGI and AI, took on the challenge of creating an impactful presentation; of 'bringing life' to this project and bringing all this exuberance and beauty into the scope of a potential property buyer.

As you already know, an elephant “Embraces the Challenges!”

The Aqua Waterfront Village project was a challenging experience for the elephants for the size of the project. We had 9 months for the development and final delivery of 36 images, a film, and 4 virtual tours, which required great synergy from our entire team.

The details in the architecture provoke a ‘wow', particularly the design of the magnificent towers which was inspired by the idea of ‘cascading water’. Renderings were developed in partnership with the architect firm IBI Group, the project was designed to evoke feelings of elevated living, well-being, relaxation, and sensory immersion in the lifestyle and activities that proximity to the lake shores and mountain views provides.

An amazing project, a nice story to relate to

When we received the project, we knew we needed a great story to praise and represent the magnitude of this enterprise and the lifestyle of its future dwellers.

First of all, we ran a survey together with Mission Group so we could understand what the profile of their potential target group was. Their likes, habits, lifestyle, all of these constitute one of Aqua strong personality traits, and this is directly reflected in scenes.

Storytelling was structured around a man’s birthday. His daughter is visiting him, and he is about to meet his granddaughter who had just been born. Up to that point, the enterprise is not shown as the narrative focus, but as a setting for the story. It is where everything happens and, when the enterprise appears, it mirrors real life: it steals the show and draws the attention in, with its magnificence and grandiosity.

Working side by side with the client for a successful result

The Client Manager at ES, Marianna Magalhães, reinforces our satisfaction with the result:

“Aqua is a very successful case for ES. It took the cooperation of the entire team, that is, a diversity of people working on the project to provide the best experience for Mission Group.”

Proactivity in customer service is one of the greatest challenges in providing a rewarding experience. Anticipating needs is essential and, for that, we highlight two factors: having a follow-up system and clear processes.

Allowing the customer to follow all the actions that are being carried out and keeping him/her active in different stages of execution is a feature present in our interaction.

“Make yourself proud!” When the client’s passion for their project and the Elephants’ passion for what we deliver ‘match.’

Aqua Waterfront Village is a very important project with an emotional attachment to Mission Group. We understood from the developer that they had a particular passion given the quintessential Okanagan lifestyle this community was designed to allow.

Mission Group’s CEO, Jon Friesen, has described his deep, and sentimental affection for Aqua Waterfront Village which really inspired the organization to approach all aspects of the project in a way that resonated and connected with its future homeowners in an authentic and real way. It was imperative for the brand visuals and messaging to portray the location, amenities, and lifestyle as authentically as possible while creating an immersive experience that shared the uniquely Kelowna lifestyle.

Elephant Skin came alongside Mission Group as a partner that operated as an extension of their own team. The strategy for bringing the Aqua Waterfront Village story to life was presented to Mission Group and we knew instantly the partnership was a natural fit. To streamline the process Elephant Skin communicated all processes and production phases in detail to Mission Group.

Feedback from Mission Group has shown us that Elephant Skin was quick to find alternative solutions when needed. Elephant Skin was flexible in adjusting their schedules to work in Mission Group’s time zone for their convenience, and the Review Studio program used to provide feedback allowed the Mission Group team to easily compare deliveries and verify the requested updates, which proved to expedite the process.

We are proud to be part of this phenomenal success!

Construction on the Aqua Waterfront Village has already begun and over 74% of the development has been sold.

For Elephant Skin, working on this project was an invaluable learning experience due to its complexity.

With the conception of each project, we respect the expectations of our customers, who expect nothing less than WOW Stories! And we elephants take this delivery very seriously. But we cannot deny how fun and fulfilling we find the process.

The results we achieve are the result of our passion for each stage of the process. Elephant Skin is not just a company hired by the client, but a team of professionals committed to the realization and success of projects that involve many people's dreams. What we build is an accomplishment and conquest for the client, as well as for the buyer and his/her family. What we present our dreams come true. And you know what? It is very rewarding to be a part of it.

Elephant Skin Team


Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos | Communication Intern – João Victor Campos

Author – Jornalist Daiana Barasa and Juliana Rodrigues | Naiá

*All Rights Reserved to Elephant Skin Group Corp.

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