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/Posted 06.26.2022


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/About us

Elephant Skin is a skilled and nimble creative agency that focuses exclusively on real estate development, architecture, and landscape projects.


We specialize in crafting sophisticated and uniquely creative storytelling, 3D renderings, animations, and films specially tailored to a property’s life cycle.


Our team comprises 90 talented people, among architects, 3D artists, designers, landscape architects, client managers, graphic designers, and real estate professionals, located in more than 20 different locations worldwide.


We have helped organizations meet their project marketing goals and currently have operations in Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, São Paulo, Curitiba, and Shanghai.

Elephant Skin is looking for an experienced Senior 3D Artist to work directly with the creative director, project manager, and other 3D artists. It is expected that the candidate has a good eye for architectural representation and the ability to produce and coordinate rendered imagery for marketing materials.

You will work and lead on multiple projects as part of a team, with the ability to deliver quality work to deadlines. You will demonstrate experience and interest in mentoring and developing junior and
mid-level artists.


Elephant Skin believes in people, in the power of teamwork, and we are always looking for people that share that mentality with us.

What we're looking for:


/Produce high-quality and inspirational images whilst working with deadlines;

/Estimate time to complete tasks;

/A good understanding of Light and Color, along with composition and basic art principles;

/Understand architectural terminology, ability to read complex drawings;

/Unwrap and texture following material specifications provided by the client, creating realistic materials that enhance the architecture;

/Lighting the scene with realism providing appropriate lighting techniques, being able to light paint and use theatrical lighting techniques when necessary;

/Use Photoshop for post-processing and color grading;

/Camera match for photomontages;

/Oversee and mentor junior visualization artists;

/Evaluate progress of your peers;

/Have strong work ethic, positive attitude, and problem-solving in the face of challenging situations and deadlines;/Manage time efficiently;

/Be innovative, with an eye for both the whole and the detail;

/Be a flexible team player with a sense of initiative;

/Be loyal and true to organizational principles;

/Provide research, testing new software, techniques, and industry trends;

/Able to effectively work on multiple projects simultaneously;

/Able to research solutions to either artistic or technical, issues when they arise.

To Apply:

Send us an e-mail with your resume and cover letter, telling us why you want to be part of Elephant Skin, to Please add on "Subject"  (LAST NAME, NAME) - SENIOR 3D ARTIST - CITY. 

Elephant Skin welcomes and encourages diversity in the workplace. At Elephant Skin, we believe that an inclusive environment benefits our employees, our firm, and our community because it makes our team, work, and the built environment better. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and take affirmative action to employ equally regardless of color, race, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, or Veteran status.