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Filipe Cabral,
Head of Animation

Cauê Rodrigues,
VFX Coordinatior 

Alix Silgueiro,
Head of Creative

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Stories that impact: why bet on film to market real estate projects? If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a movie worth? 

If you think that using film to launch real estate projects is something new, the article “Property Marketing Enters Video Age” was featured in The Times in 1984. 

The use of video marketing in the 20th century was known as a “video brochure,” packaged in cassette format so that the developer or real estate agent could display it on a TV screen in the office to a prospective tenant or buyer. 

That format would mark just the beginning of the evolution to come, as the industry would soon launch increasingly more attractive presentations, capable of arousing desire through sensations and emotion. 

At Elephant Skin, in the production of each film made to launch real estate projects, there is the challenge of how to always go just one step further in creating a sensational product that really attracts the eye and inspires the imagination. 

Head of Creative at ES, Alix Silgueiro, outlines the resources present in making such a video. He mentions storytelling, 3D, soundtrack, and VFX as tools essential in creating a fantastic film. “Those traditional product videos that mainly presented informational elements gave way to innovative and limitless potential. You can now move from the merely commercial aspect of the film to a place of exceptionalism, capable of arousing feelings in customers.” 

What drives a person to buy a property? 

Research carried out by the brokerage firm My Home Move found that 56% of buyers make their final decision based upon the passion/feelings aroused by the property. Survey participants were asked to choose three reasons why they might choose a property. 58% selected the location, 37% noted the price, and the remainder chose the garden. Additionally, it was determined that in their search for a property with the perfect location, these potential customers were willing to pay more.

The big question here, however, is how to arouse passion in customers through film? 


In 2015, Entrepreneur Magazine highlighted the statistics and value of video marketing and the data was surprising: 

Video/film generates 3 times more monthly visitors to a website than any other content. Visitors to the website which includes film/video will spend 88% more time on that site. Video/film increases organic traffic on search engines. 

Consumers are 46% more likely to seek further information about a product or service presented through video/film. 

Consumers are 85% more likely to purchase the product after watching a video/film. Unruly, a video marketing technology company, listed 18 effective emotions that can generate a feeling of proximity to the content: happiness, joy, amazement, inspiration, hilarity, contempt, disgust, sadness, cordiality, pride, nostalgia, surprise, knowledge, shock, confusion, excitement, fear, and anger. 

At Elephant Skin, the way in which films are produced in order to launch real estate projects has evolved. The most important ingredient for increasingly incredible scenes is the fact that the artists have the freedom to create. 

Cauê Rodrigues, VFX Coordinator at ES, explains: “Much of the creation was implemented in experimentation born from this freedom. The ideas were flowing and coming together, improving through the creation process to the final product.” 

Filipe Cabral, Head of Animation at ES, believes in the film as a resource to bring the viewer into the story being told. “Film is a resource that invokes people's emotions in a very real way. The intent is to link the film to the people.” 

Movies sell a lifestyle, awaken emotions, and connect people. 

The film/video needs to awaken sensations; make the viewer stop for a few moments and be transported into the story being told. Filipe believes that the purpose of cinematic scenes to launch real estate projects is to sell something beyond just the property itself. “The film is 

selling a lifestyle. Even if the person is looking for an investment property, it is imperative that they consider the product an incredible place in which they themselves would live.” In every film, the production team is tasked with making the most of the use of sensory elements, such as the sounds of water, friction, and movement. 

Alix adds, “3D is another resource that goes along with the film providing infinite possibilities. We explore all sensory elements, and it is these minute details that make the viewers’ experience as real as possible.” 

Cauê believes that 3D animation is a “layered” construction of details. “The special effect is the layer that provides the realism, like the noise of a car passing on the street, generating friction as it kicks up leaves, or the steam emanating from the coffee as the cup is filled. It is these details that create the most realistic experience.” 

An assertive way to sell: awaken desire! 

There are many agencies producing quality films to launch real estate projects. But, the American agency Elephant Skin, founded by Brazilians, has something that makes it stand out in the market. Filipe explains, “ES makes original films with high-quality chroma key, has a large portfolio of work, and always delivers its projects on time.” 

The client is looking for something that makes his/her product stand out from the rest. “The film or project needs to awaken the viewers’ desire to live there,” adds Alix. And how does this happen? By way of the presentation of impactful stories! 


Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos
Author – Jornalist Daiana Barasa and Juliana Rodrigues | Naiá
Interviewed – Filipe Cabral, Head of Animation, Cauê Rodrigues, VFX Coordinatior e Alix Silgueiro, Head of Creative.

*All Rights Reserved to Elephant Skin Group Corp.

27/10/2022 - 4:38 PM EST

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