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Roberta Lemos - Communications Manager


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Welcome to HubES: Home of the Elephants! 

Flexible workspaces are a worldwide trend and bring new meaning to the work environment. 

In May 2021, a global workspace design firm surveyed 186 locations as part of an analysis to determine the demand and fees for offices in major cities across the United States and Canada. Highlighted by the analysis was the increase in the number of companies adopting centralized office strategies, otherwise known as “hub” offices, used for purpose-based collaboration. Additionally, “spoke” offices were also mentioned and described as spaces located in areas closer to where the employees live. 

Recent reports on the 2022 co-working market predict growth to exceed $13.03 billion by 2025. Among the key trends highlighted was homeowners entering the co-working landscape as “competitors,” as they bring their own flexible spaces, which can be used not only by your teams but by other employees and even partners. 

The global company Elephant Skin opened its first HubES office in Curitiba (Paraná), Brazil, and serves as a space for the team and real estate market to explore. To better provide an idea of the HubES environment interaction, there is a Pub on site! 

HubES – Elephant Skin's Curitiba office 

Remote business offices represent demand in this post-pandemic reality, not just as a place for people to work, but as an environment where they can congregate whenever they want to share ideas, relax, discuss, connect, inspire, and be inspired by others. 


Communications Manager Roberta Lemos says that, ultimately, the idea is for ES to have HubES spread across other strategic locations: São Paulo, Miami, Vancouver, New York, and other places where Elephant Skin has great market strength. 


Roberta explains, “HubES can also be very cool for presenting projects to developers and partners. Also, the developers and partners can use the same environment to present projects to their teams.” 


The remote office in Curitiba is different from most co-working spaces in that it represents the Elephant community, a community composed of already more than 100 professionals worldwide. 


HubES is a space for whomever to visit whenever they want; an environment which allows the individual to get out of his/her routine, be surrounded by like-minded people, and to engage in the art of storytelling.


Two days after the opening of HubES, Roberta recalls her experience of feeling as though she were in the “home” of Elephant Skin. “The ambiance and decor made the environment very much ours! Connecting with the Elephants, and getting to know one another more intimately in a casual and relaxed way encourages a very positive feeling and energy. It makes our culture tangible and serves as an excellent exchange of energy.” 

What changes in the design of these new spaces? 

Trending In the design of offices for remote business is structures sensitive to “psychological safety” and well-being. Visitors should feel welcomed, and so the biophilic principles of “prospect” and “refuge” are adopted. The concept behind biophilia (a term popularized by Edward Osborne Wilson) means “a love of living things.” 


Currently, the greatest challenge facing large and complex ecosystems in the work environment lies in how to configure and efficiently manage these ecosystems so that they result in exceedingly more value and maintain a competitive advantage. 


One of the main types of these classified ecosystems is the Platform, in which companies have the desire to efficiently connect intellect and understanding with people. The value of the Platform ecosystem tends to increase based on the size of its community and capable customer-centric exchange. 


No matter the market segment, for a company in a large and ambitious ecosystem, strategies must be put in place so that collaboration lies at the nucleus of any decisions made. And, when striving for a collaborative ecosystem, you better believe that the hub plays a pivotal role! Remote business offices really don't make much sense from a traditional “place to work” perspective. But, the hub, serving as a space to embody all the qualities and culture of a company, and in which ideas are exchanged and people transformed, was Elephant Skin's greatest insight. 


For the Elephants: When you want to kick off your slippers, get out of your routine, be inspired, connect, engage in fantastic storytelling, and breathe people, come to HubES! Our doors are open to all! 

Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos
Jornalist Daiana Barasa and Juliana Rodrigues | Naiá

Interviewed – Roberta Lemos - Communications Manager
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