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Henrique Driessen - CGO


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ES values and how we would like to impact the world.

When we talk about values in a company, the standard that comes to mind is that which the  vast majority uses, stamped on websites, without much concern to whether they are really part  of the company's culture or lived in their day-to-day life.

Values are a very important pillar and directly affect how you impact people, manage deliveries,  and differentiate yourself in the market. This self examination is not outward, it is inward.

At Elephant Skin, our definition of the company values did not come from any external model,  but from the vision of those who work within the company. These values are present from the  administrative to the artistic execution of a project and are fundamental to all areas.

What I'm going to share with you is how ES built its own values in the market, our true mission,  and how we see the world, based on expressions we use in our daily lives.

The construction of this list was very organic. We didn't create it; it was the company that gave  it to us. But, what does that mean?

It's no use looking outward, without first looking inward, at the essence and what is  experienced in practice. What are our values and beliefs, and how do we want to impact the  world? Maybe our list can inspire you in some way.

#1 We Create WOW Stories!  

The question we asked was the following: what reaction do we seek from people when they  experience our work?

And the answer was: WOW! We seek an Impactful reaction of enchantment.

When you are properly impacted, words are hard to find, right? Because the audience is  emotionally bombarded and is processing the experience.

This is how we build 'WOW Stories' and does not only apply to the artistic team that produces  the films, but to all people within the company who have the autonomy to have and create  their own wow story.

The desire to impact a customer is common among us all, right?

Do it first! We don’t say much during our production process, but we do deliver! Our  presentation shows what we have been doing and that we place great value on emotional  impact.

#2 Embrace the Challenges  

Elephant Skin has grown significantly in 5 years. This achievement is thanks, in part, to the  company's ability to embrace and solve challenges.
There is no growth without overcoming challenges!

ES is a company that disrupts mediocrity; encouraging people to grow so that no one can get  too comfortable. Here, it is required to think, learn, and evolve.

The best projects are the most complex and, within these 5 years, we have faced market  challenges that no other company would want to face.
As we grew, we improved our processes to embrace even more challenges. This is not the  place for whomever doesn't like to leave their comfort zone.

On the other hand, ES is the perfect environment for those who want to face and overcome  challenges.

#3 Sh*t Happens. Don't be afraid.  

Something will go wrong along your path, whether as an entrepreneur or professional. It  doesn't matter if you are very good at what you do, you will fail at some point. What matters is  your reaction and ability/speed to solve it.

There is something very strange going on if a team doesn't make any mistakes.

You need to know how to make mistakes quickly in order to correct them quickly. Why do I say  this?

In 2010 I opened a company with two friends, the name was Foome. We did exactly the same  thing as iFood but, clearly we know which company succeeded and which failed.

I can explain why Foome didn't work: there was no room for error. We had a giant vision, but it  couldn’t advance and, as a result, we were swallowed by the market!

In that moment, I promised myself that if I ever had a company again, this wouldn't be a  problem. Failures are relative opportunities. An idea that has gone wrong in the past may yet  work at another time.

# 4 Don't grow up … It's a trap!  

I believe in this blindly. The truth is that the average adult is very limited and boring. As we  grow up, we begin to fear complex situations.
Of course, we need to grow and mature. But, let’s not forget the cool part of childhood, where  you question more, take risks, allow failure, have an enormous curiosity about life, and laugh at  silly things.

No one should be rigid at all times!

As you grow into your adult self, try to hold onto the lightness, creativity, and courage so  genuine in childhood that hibernates in each one of us.

#5 There is no ‘I’ in team.

It's an illusion to think that people depend on companies. On the contrary, companies depends  on people. Elephant Skin depends on each and every person who is part of our team today.

Everyone wants to win, but you can win together. Worse than losing is winning alone and not  having a team with which to celebrate.

We value collaboration at ES, and in view of our achievements, everyone who is part of the  company is a true winner.

#6 Think big or go home.  

Thinking big and thinking small take the same effort. Channel your efforts to what matters, to  the BIG. I'm never fully satisfied, but I enjoy the process. I resent someone telling me "you  don't have the slightest chance of doing this!"

Elephant Skin gives people the opportunity to think big. The world is bigger than your space,  and can be altogether much bigger than we imagine. When you think big, you must also see  yourself as bigger.

I trust and rely on the talented people who make up our team. Every one of them makes a  difference.

#7 Make yourself proud.  

There's nothing worse than delivering a subpar product of which you’re dissatisfied. If not even  the creator likes their creation, just imagine how the customer must feel! You need to be the  most harsh critic of the business and of what you deliver.

Now I pose an interesting question: how do you expect people to deliver something good if  they don't even like working with you?

Building values is, first and foremost, to be living them. More than creating impactful WOW  stories, our values reside in the air we breathe.


Communications Manager - Roberta Lemos | Communication Intern – João Victor Campos
Author – Journalist Daiana Barasa and Juliana Rodrigues | Naiá
Interviewed – Henrique Driessen

*All Rights Reserved to Elephant Skin Group Corp.​

01/26/2023 - 3:53 PM EST

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